Kyneo’s GNSS positioning stability.

Well spotted on the map!

We were doing some testing at GEKO NAVSAT Headquarters with Kyneo's GNSS receiver. In this test, we mainly aimed to check the mean error in positioning when Kyneo board is left in a fixed, indoor location.

Kyneo module employed during this test was at our office, on the second floor of the building, located by the window. Using the GNSS_bypass example, configured for 1Hz rate RMC frame output, we obtained roughly 30 min positions.

GNSS Data Visualization

Open-source or free tools offer a huge range of possibilities for visualizing the GNSS data outputted by Kyneo!

Advanced GNSS chipset performances

The GNSS modules use the new generation of MediaTek MT3333 GNSS chips, which simultaneously support GPS and GLONASS. Additional GNSS systems such as GALILEO can also be supported by firmware updates. Depending on the selection, the preferred GNSS systems GPS + GLONASS or GPS + GALILEO can be adjusted and processed as desired.

Due to its ability to use GLONASS and GPS simultaneously, GNSS profits from the higher level of availability of the satellites in critical environments. The navigation performance and precision are also improved by use of the correction data from SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS), QZSS or DGPS (RTCM).

TTFF (Time to First Fix) can achieve "self-generated orbit prediction" algorithms in just few seconds with the assistance of A-GPS with EPO (Extended Prediction Orbit) and the EasyTM. EasyTM (Embedded Assist System) does not require any additional resources or external data from the host.

The excellent low-power performance makes it easy to implement this module into the battery-powered applications. In addition, the new power management function AlwaysLocateTM also supports this. It enables electricity consumption independent of the need to adaptively set the environment and reception conditions so as to achieve a perfect balance between the fix-rate, electricity consumption, and positional accuracy.

The GNSS modules integrates a higth performance patch antenna increasinng sensitivity and simple integration.

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