GNSS Multiconstellation Data Logger

GPS and GLONASS Data Logger Test in Madrid

KYNEO has been tested for registering the positioning solution provided by the GPS/GLONASS receiver integrated in the unit.

For this test KYNEO was programmed using the ARDUINO IDE, initializing the GNSS module for working in GPS/GLONASS mode. The unit was also programmed for storing data in the SD at 1Hz and using an standard NMEA, allowing a later analysis and visualization of the navigation data.

Two different 30Km tracks were done. KYNEO was working in an autonomous mode using a rechargeable 800mAh Li-ion battery. All the positioning data from the tracks performed was accurately calculated by the GNSS module and registered in a 4GB SD Memory Card

GNSS navigation solution output registration

One of the main functionalities of KYNEO is the capability for measuring the position and navigation data of the unit. This information is calculated from the multiconstellation GNSS module embedded in KYNEO, based on the signals received from the global navigation satellite systems, like GPS and GLONASS, plus the space based augmentation systems (SBAS), like EGNOS in Europe or WAAS in EEUU.

Thanks to the high sensitivity patch antenna, and the advanced GNSS chipset integrated in the GNSS, KYNEO may obtain an accurate and reliable positioning, even in urban canyons. The GNSS chipset may be configured for providing navigation data up to 10 Hz, using proprietary or standard protocols. A high variety of selectable operational modes allows to improve GNSS performances and optimize power consumption

Find here and access to the software code related with this project.

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