First contact with Kyneo – Helloworld


In the following tutorials, we will show how to get started programming the Kyneo board. Since Kyneo is based on Arduino, in order to fully take advantage of the following tutorials, we recommend to be familiarised with it. Besides, we highly encourage the user to read the Kyneo Starting Guide.

When we start working with a new Arduino device it is a good idea to make a first basic test to be sure that we are able to upload a sketch on the microcontroller and that with this code the device can execute some minimum basic actions.

First contact

Besides other advanced functionalities, Kyneo has two general purpose LEDs that can be programmed to help the user with some indications of what the chipset is doing.

The “Kyneo_HelloWorld” sample sketch shows how to turn both LEDs on in a sequence.

Example Sketch Code

 * Kyneo Helloworld Example
 * This sketch prints messages throught terminal and blinks the boards LEDs
 * Created by GEKO Navsat S.L. for Kyneo V2.0 board
 * This example is free software, given under a GPL3 license
 * KYNEO is a product designed by GEKO Navsat S.L. in Europe
 * For further information, visit:
#include <KyneoBoard.h>                                 //GekoNavsat libraries
#include <KyneoUtils.h>

void setup() {
  Serial.begin(9600);                                 //Initialize the Serial port 
  Serial.println("Hello world");                      //Print message throught the Serial port
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);                                //Set pin mode where the LED is
  delay(3000);                                        //Make the program wait
  Serial.println("Let's blink some LEDs");            //Print message throught the Serial port

  pinMode(GP_LED_0, OUTPUT);                         //LEDs digital output 0 set
  pinMode(GP_LED_1, OUTPUT);                         //LEDs digital output 1 set

void loop() {
  digitalWrite(GP_LED_0, HIGH);                         // set the LED on
  digitalWrite(GP_LED_1, HIGH);                         // set the LED on
  digitalWrite(GP_LED_0, LOW);                          // set the LED off
  digitalWrite(GP_LED_1, LOW);                          // set the LED off



Unable to connect to Kyneo:
- Make sure the drivers and libraries are properly installed
- Make sure the board is properly connected to the computer
- Make sure the board is ON

Unable to upload sketch to Kyneo
- Make sure that Kyneo is selected on the Arduino board menu
- Make sure to disconnect any other items connected to the board
- Make sure that the "Serial Selector" switch, located at the top of the board, next to the GNSS, is in the "M" position

Link to software repository

Getting started Kyneo Starting Guide
More information about Kyneo go to Kyneo Manual
For all the latest software visit our GitHub page GEKO Navsat Github's examples
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