Discover Kyneo

KYNEO is a small and low cost integrated electronic device designed for open-source programming which enables the implementation of projects or solutions where there is a need for measuring, registering or sharing wirelessly data from objects in movement.

KYNEO includes high performance inertial sensors and a sensitive GNSS receiver that provide all the information regarding orientation, altitude, acceleration, turning/heading, positioning and timing. A large amount of data can be stored into a micro-SD card for later processing or visualization. Also, a wireless module XBee-compatible (commercially available for different frequencies and protocols) can be attached to KYNEO in order to create configurable communication networks with other KYNEO devices or with any external equipment.


On-board sensors

  • 3-axis 16-bit gyroscope – Selectable ± 250/500/1000/2000 °/s range.
  • 3-axis 16-bit accelerometer – Selectable ± 2/4/8/16 g.
  • 3-axis 12-bit magnetometer – Selectable ±1/2/4/8 Gauss range.
  • 24-bit temperature and pressure sensor - Operation range: 10 to 1200 mbar, -40 to 85ºC.
  • Expansion ports

    KYNEO has two expansion ports for including external hardware, similar to Arduino boards, allowing board customization & fast prototyping. External devices can make use of:

  • Up to 11 GPIO lines, including PWM, output comparison and input capture.
  • The external analog reference and three 12-bit ADC channels for analog sensors.
  • SPI interface (shared with SD card slot).
  • A dedicated UART.
  • I2C bus (shared with the embedded sensors).
  • 5V, 3.3V and GND supply lines.
  • Arduino-compatible platform:

    Arduino-compatible platform, USB-programmable.

  • Arduino IDE support and bootloader are provided.
  • Most Arduino libraries are supported (or need little tweaks)
  • Kyneo libraries and examples for beginners
  • Interfaces

    Transmit and receive data wirelessly choosing the frequency and protocol that best fits your project, save them into a microSD card, or use the USB serial interface for external processing or visualization.

  • XBee-compatible RF module socket.
  • microSD card slot supporting FAT16/32 and SDHC cards.
  • USB serial interface.
  • Low profile

    Reduced size: 55.0 × 35.2 × 13.5 mm (60 × 40 × 24 mm with plastic housing and battery)
    Weight: 19.5 g (51 g with plastic housing and battery)


  • USB external power supply (microUSB type B).
  • Battery – 3.7 Li-ion or Li-Po battery, on-board charging when USB power is supplied (5V, 500 mA).
  • Connectivity

    KYNEO provides an XBee Socket that allows integrating powerful OEM radio data modem enabling cable-free and reliable transmission of data over medium distances. The easy configuration and interface with the wireless communication modules, allows several communication solutions, topologies and ranges, from the short range point to point communication (like Bluetooth), to middle range wireless network (like ISM Mesh networks).

    This feature allows creating wireless Kyneo clusters, or to connect any Kyneo module with external devices when integrating the proper gateway.

    Other physical interfaces provided through the Micro-USB connector or the ones provided through the expansion headers, allows physical connectivity with external devices or computers.


    Using the features you need

  • Accurate positioning, navigation and timing data based on a high sensitivity multiconstellation GNSS module (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and SBAS) with integrated patch antenna.
  • 3D motion raw data measurement (acceleration, angular rate, magnetometer and barometric altimeter).
  • Yaw, Pitch and Roll calculation based on calibrated sensor data.
  • Configurable operation for a very low power consumption.
  • 10 Hz position and time and 200Hz inertial motion solution.
  • UART, I2C, SPI, GPIO, PWM, ADC channels for external hardware.
  • Configurable wireless connectivity: application-tailored wireless sensor networks.
  • Create your own projects

    Position and motion data logging


    Location-Based Services

    Internet of Things

    Search & Rescue

    Dynamic Positioning


    Intelligent Transport Systems