Kyneo MARG Unit Calibration Process

Introduction Have you ever attempted to use an uncalibrated sensor before? If the answer is yes, then you have probably seen that the measurements from an uncalibrated sensor do not necessarily match reality. The calibration process allows us to match a measurement with the real value of the magnitude measured. Let’s see how this affects […]

GNSS Multiconstellation Data Logger

GPS and GLONASS Data Logger Test in Madrid KYNEO has been tested for registering the positioning solution provided by the GPS/GLONASS receiver integrated in the unit. For this test KYNEO was programmed using the ARDUINO IDE, initializing the GNSS module for working in GPS/GLONASS mode. The unit was also programmed for storing data in the […]

Kyneo’s GNSS positioning stability.

Well spotted on the map! We were doing some testing at GEKO NAVSAT Headquarters with Kyneo’s GNSS receiver. In this test, we mainly aimed to check the mean error in positioning when Kyneo board is left in a fixed, indoor location. Kyneo module employed during this test was at our office, on the second floor […]